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The Band

Sonido Costeño's years of performances to our global community attract new fans with each performance. Establishing themselves at the formally Tito Puente's Restaurantin City Island, Sonido Costeño crafted their intimate interaction with dinner crowds which lead them to other reputable venues such as BAM Café in Brooklyn, St. Barts in Manhattan, Nova Terra, Makedas and Teak, all restaurants in New Jersey. This amazing trajectory opened them up to wider audiences in corporate level such as Smith Barney and Metro Tech in Brooklyn. Cultural institutions include Brooklyn Museum of Art, El Museo Del Barrio and Brooklyn Children's Museum. Sonido Costeño has entertained communities in the New York City area throughout the years in numerous street fairs.

The mission of this group it to tantalize their audience wherever the performance leads them. The talented band members include; Sam Barrios a Berkley graduate at the keys, Danny Hinton on bass, Ivan Rodriguez Jr., Drums and Timbas, Ray Surita, Percussion and bandleader Juan Ma Morales on cuatro and guitar. Other guest musicians include; Larry Evans on drums, Cruz Rodriguez on bongos, Steve Levy on trumpet and David Ondrick on saxophone. As talented as they are on their instruments they also serve as background vocals while Juan Ma leads.

Their repertoire goes beyond "salsa". Together they create a fusion of Cuban son, Dominican merengue and bachata, Jamaican reggae, Guaracha. This unique style resonates with American modern jazz influences. They are "a must seeā€¦ a must hear" Bravo - Sonido Costeño!

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